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Service History

61-7951 was outfitted for flight testing.

Also known for a time as YF-12C #06937, and sometimes confused with A-12 60-6937, the second SR-71, serial number 61-7951, was one of 6 airframes used by the SR-71 Test Force and was never used for operational missions.

In 1971, #17951 was loaned to NASA to complete the testing of the YF-12A program (2 of the 3 YF-12s had already been lost in accidents). 951 was temporarily redesignated as a YF-12C (there being no B-model trainer for the YF-12 series) and given NASA#937. This number was chosen for 2 reasons:

On October 27, 1978, Col. Jim Sullivan and Maj. William Frazier crewed her return flight to the Air Force, where she was put back in their inventory and given back her old number.

Last Flight

22 December 1978

Frazier and pilot LtCol. Calvin Jewett logged the last of her 796.7 flying hours on December 22, 1978.

Present Location

Pima Air & Space Museum, Tuscon, AZ

951 remained in storage at Lockheed’s facility in Palmdale, California until 1990, when she was disassembled and trucked to Pima Air & Space Museum, just east of Tucson, Arizona.