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First Flight


61-7950 was the first SR-71 produced; Lockheed test pilot Bob Gilliland flew her solo on her maiden flight on Tuesday, December 22, 1964. All photos on this page were taken by Lockheed photographers on that same day. Unlike the A-12, the SR-71 went supersonic on its first flight, mostly because the J58 engines that were still being developed at the time of 924’s maiden voyage were available by that time.

Service History

61-7950 was outfitted for flight testing.

Last Flight

10 January 1967

She was lost on January 10, 1967. They were testing anti-skid braking systems when the main tires blew out, causing a fire that destroyed the aircraft. Pilot Art Peterson survived; on this test, and most other flights of “Number 1,” the RSO cockpit was empty.

Present Location

Crashed, 10 January 1967