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The A/MH-6X is an optionally manned or unmanned aircraft which is a hybrid of the ULB demonstrator and the A/MH-6M mission-enhanced Little Bird which is used by US Army Special Operations Command. The A/MH-6X completed its first flight in September 2006.

The payload capacity of the A/MH-6X is 1,543kg, nearly 50% greater than that of the ULB demonstrator. The glass cockpit of the A/MH-6X includes advanced avionics systems such as multi-sensor data fusion, digital mapping, high bandwidth signal processing, data storage, digital radio and Ku band (11.0GHz to 14.5GHz) communications.

Little Bird missions

For the US Army, the missions of the manned / unmanned A/MH-6X Little Bird could include surveillance, as a wideband communications node, resupply of troops in battlefield forward positions, the extraction of stranded soldiers in the battlefield and the rescue of downed pilots. Helicopter design

The unmanned Little Bird helicopter air vehicle is based on the combat-proven MD 530F light helicopter which was first flown in 1982.

The helicopter is fitted with an articulated five-bladed main rotor of diameter 8.33m. The retention pins are removed to fold the blades for storage.


mission-enhanced Little Bird (MELB)

First Flight

2006 September