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Air Vehicle Specifications - Developmental Systems
Shephard's Unmanned Vehicles Handbook 2007
The Shephard Press, 1996

Frontier Systems was the company that Abe Karem and key members of Leading Systems founded after Amber. Loral provided the overall program management and sensor integration management. One of the development efforts they had working on was a 26,000 lb flying wing concept for theater missile defense, called the W570A. (A slightly smaller version for ISR and communications relay missions for export and civilian use, was called the Arrow.) Reportedly, $10M was invested in its development. A scaled down version of the W570, the 3500 lb Shadow flying wing, was studied under the Tier II+ Phase I, and built in April 1996 as a high altitude endurance flight test bed and high altitude UAV trainer.


Engine: -

Wingspan: 35.13 m

Wing area: 65.03 m

Total length: 5.51 m

Total height: 1.98 m

Empty weight: 1,588 kg

Max. payload: 454 kg

Max. take-off weight: 10,886 kg

Max level speed: Mach 0.7

Max cruise speed: -

Service celling: 70,000 ft

Range: 18,000 nm

Max endurance: 60 h