Rachel is an unincorporated portion of Lincoln County, Nevada. As the closest habitation to the Nellis Air Force Range and Area 51, Rachel enjoys a modest celebrity, particularly among aviation enthusiasts and UFO hunters.

The town lies approximately three hours drive north of Las Vegas along Nevada Highway 375 (the “Extraterrestrial Highway”), which has an unofficial “speed limit” of Warp 7. The tiny town receives a modest number of visitors interested in the U.S. government’s secret doings, to whom a small tourist shop, 3-room motel, and an alien-themed restaurant and bar, the Little A'Le'Inn are available.

Several unpaved roads near Rachel lead from Highway 375 across the terrain to the boundary of Area 51. Rachel’s population generally hovers around 80 inhabitants, some involved in ranching. The town was originally established as a tungsten mining town, but the mines pulled out circa 1988. Most of the year-round inhabitants live in mobile homes.