AT&T/Teletype 5620 Dot Mapped Display Terminal

The 5620 was the first commercial version of Rob Pike’s BLIT terminal. The original BLIT design used a common Motorola 68000 microprocessor. Since Western Electric, an AT&T subsidiary, was in the microprocessor business, the 5620 used a Western Electric WE32000 microprocessor instead. Later models, the 630 and 730, reverted to the 68000.


* 15 " diagonal screen (10.24" x 8" visible)
* 1024 x 800 dots (100 dots/inch horizontal and vertical)
* High persistance P39 green phosphor
* BELLMAC-32 microprocessor based 
    - Full 32-bit non-multiplexed data and address paths
    - Large instruction set
    - Virtual memory capability with 4 levels of protection
* 256K RAM, 64K EPROM
* Low-profile (30 mm) keyboard with numeric pad and 8 PF keys
* Mouse
* UNIX (System V)-based software
    - Multiplexor which provides up to six concurrent `windows'
        of arbitrary size on the screen, each appearing to
        the UNIX host as a separate virtual terminal. 
        Optional downloaded terminal process under control
        of terminal operating system associated with each
    - Mouse-based text editor
    - BELLMAC software development system
        - C cross compiler and tools
        - Terminal debugger highly integrated with C compiler
        - Downloader
    - Tektronix 4014 emulation
    - Font Editor
    - TROFF preview facility
    - Picture editor produces TROFF input text for preparing
      document figures.